Vape Wild Brexit at Tiffany's Review

Brexit at Tiffany's is a blend of caramel toffee (thanks, Britain) and banana that's delicious in its richness. One cool thing about this juice is its uniqueness depending on the temperature at which it's vaped. 

Ideal for dessert lovers, Brexit at Tiffany's is offered pre-steeped in glass dropper bottles. This liquid being pre-steeped allows you to enjoy it just as it was intended -- rich and full of flavo(u)r. 

Take it to another level by combining it with On Cloud Custard. The combo of these two juices evokes tastes of a caramel ice cream sundae. 

You'll find 30 and 60ml options in stock at a variety of nicotine levels. 

Stay in the EU; vape Brexit at Tiffany's.

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