Vape Wild Cowboy Cooler Review


Cowboy Cooler is a sweet and sour berry mix with a hint of menthol from Vape Wild. 

This juice is quite interesting, and not something I expected when I first tried it. The berry flavor is actually tangy and a bit sour, not overly sweet. It tastes much more like a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher rather than a sweet berry pie.

The menthol is very mild, but a great addition to the juice. It acts to just hug the whole vape and provide a bit of that cool minty after taste. It leaves you with a similar feeling that chewing minty gum would.

This juice comes pre-steeped, so it packs a punch right out of the box. It is a 65% VG mix and goes well either in a tank or in a dripper.

If you are looking for a tasty menthol e-liquid, Cowboy Cooler is a great option!





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